Lead the Way Fitness - Custom Coaching
Lead the Way Fitness - Custom Coaching

The best way to get started is with our 28 Day Transformation Program.

It gives you access to all of our programs and session times.

The 28 Day Transformation Challenge begins at your Transformation Kick Off Meeting where you will meet with a team representative to learn more about you and your goals.

After that, you will get an assigned Coach that will build you a custom fitness, nutrition and accountability plan during a Blueprint Meeting. It’s important that we build something that includes maximum results and enjoyment for you.

Our Proven Process

Kick Off Meeting

LTW - Kick Off


LTW - Blueprint

Training + Nutrition

LTW - Training and Nutrition


LTW - Results

Your assigned Coach will correct your form, keep you challenged and make sure you stay safe during every workout while getting you results.

Over time, your body will transform but so will your energy and confidence.

Our mission is to spread health and happiness through coaching!

Are you ready to begin your total body transformation?

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Rancho Cucamonga

Here’s what people are saying about us…

Everyone there is a ball of sunshine.

I haven’t been this consistent in going to the gym in nearly a decade, and there’s a reason for that. Sessions are quick but hard-hitting and coaches are so full of energy, you can’t help but “W0000!” Safety measures are legit. Encouraging but not pushy. Everyone there is a ball of sunshine. Thanks for keeping me sane.

Kimberly C.

Life changing.

Life changing. All the coaches are an inspiration and build you up to keep you on track. This is more than a pumping iron gym…it’s a whole body experience. They focus on your entire life…what goes in your body, water intake, how much you sleep, how much you recover and, of course, how to get fit through circuit training.

Peter J.

Unlike any gym you have ever experienced

Lead the Way is unlike any gym you have ever experienced before. The coaches here genuinely care about each individual that walks through the door. TGhey will go out of their way to help you find success and reach your goals. More than that, the members here are a community – we support and help each other. We’re on our health and fitness journey together & love being part of what LTW calls our “Fit Fam”.

Rebecca J.

Awesome atmosphere

Awesome atmosphere, the trainers are genuine in supporting you to reach your goals, they go above and beyond. They make sure the facility is clean and equipment is sanitized. It’s not a regular gym where you sign up for a year and they ignore you. They take their time to earn your membership every single day. It’s a judgement free zone with diversity and the trainers will modify as needed. I can’ say enough great things about this gym.,

Emily E.

Your 7 Day Transformation Trial will allow you to “test drive” the program to make sure it’s a good fit for you. We pride ourselves on having friendly Coaches, surgically clean facilities and client contests to give you something to train for.

This will be a life-changing experience for you!

Here’s our 3 Phase Approach

Phase I


Focusing on getting started and creating baseline habits

  • Begin to Exercise

  • Change Eating Habits

  • Begin tracking calories

  • Begin tracking macros

  • Optimize sleep

  • Increase water intake

  • Begin supplements

Phase II


Get results and focus on reaching your total transformation goal

  • Rapid fat loss

  • Lose inches

  • Gain lean muscle

  • Great lifting form

  • Improved flexibility

  • Increased energy

  • Boost in confidence

Phase III


Create lifestyle changes and learn how to maintain long-term results

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Long-term habits

  • Main results with less external accountability

  • Continue less aggressive fat-loss

Our clients are loving their results…

Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After
Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After
Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After
Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After
Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After
Lead the Way Fitness - Before and After


Rancho Cucamonga