This is a common question that our Coaches get when running a session.

Here’s the quick way to tell….

Do you feel it in your JOINTS or in your MUSCLES?

When we do resistance training, we are targeting the muscles with the exercise. We want to break them down so they build back stronger.

  • When you squat you should feel it in your quads, not your knees.
  • When you pushup, you should feel it in your chest and shoulders, not your elbows or wrist.
  • When you deadlift, you should feel it in your hamstrings, not in your lower back.

That’s not to say we aren’t activating the muscles near the joints. You might hear the joints crack-a-lackin’ which is nothing to be concerned about. Most of the time it’s air bubbles that are trapped and pop but sound worse like your bones are straining.

At the end of the day, pull your Coach aside before or after the session to ask them to correct your form if you think you are doing it wrong.

Doing the exercise with the right form and the right amount of weight is the sweet spot to get your body to transform.