Hey FitFam!! If you have seen The Matrix then you probably remember they refer to Neo as “The One”.

The One is the person who saves everyone and helps them to get unplugged from The Matrix. He’s the hero, the savior.

What if I told you that you could be The One for your family?

You see, we all have a family tree and some of those people impact the family more than others.

Some of the people in the family tree can have a MASSIVE impact on the future generations.

And that begins with you and how you impact your family.

  • If your family history if filled with health issues, you can be “The One” who turns things around.
  • You can create generational health by leading a healthy lifestyle and being a role model to your kids.
  • They will continue the legacy you created and raise their kids to be healthy.
  • The ripple affect continues to go on and on.
  • That’s what being “The One” in your family is all about.

The small decision to get to the gym and workout can be how you radically change your families future.

It’s how you can be “The One” to future generations.

You can be “The One” who changes everything and made the family of today and tomorrow more healthy by making a change.

The alternative is that it’s left up to someone else or the family continues to get less and less healthy because no one led them.

One of our core values is Lead From The Front and this is meaning of it to it’s core.

I share this with you because I want to encourage you to get it right 80% of the time.

People can really beat themselves up if they are not PERFECT or doing 100% of their healthy habits – exercise, nutrition, water, sleep, etc.

But if you just get it right 80% of the time, you are making a massive impact on yourself and your family.

Let’s make it a great week of impact!