Hey FitFam!! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Last week I got a question regarding metabolism and why it slows down as we age.

There’s actually a hidden cause for a slower metabolism

And that cause is muscle loss. In fact, we lose 4% of of our muscle tissue every year if we do not stimulate the muscle with resistance.

Someone sitting in a chair for hours and not activating their glute muscles is losing their glutes year after year after year.

That peach becomes a pancake 😂

A helpful visual is to think of someone who got a broken bone and had to be put in a cast. Let’s pretend it was their leg and their calf was wrapped in a cast.

Fast forward 2-3 months when they remove the cast, the person’s calf muscle is shrunken to 1/3 of the size.

The calf muscle wasn’t being stimulated since they were walking on crutches and no resistance was put on the muscle. That’s what the doctor ordered so the bone can heal but the result is lost muscle.

Soon after, they are walking around and stimulating the muscle with walking and putting weight on it. Before you know it, the muscle grows back and matches the other leg. That’s the muscle memory everyone has heard about before.

But with so many people sitting in cars commuting, not doing resistance training and having things delivered to the door, we are almost in a full body cast losing muscle over our entire body every year.

So, it’s not age that cause the metabolism to slow down, it’s a compounding of muscle loss year over year.

Finally when we hit the ripe age of 40 or 50, we are seeing the compounded effect of 10, 20 or 30 years of muscle loss from not doing resistance training.

But just like my example of the leg in the cast above, WE CAN GET IT BACK!

That’s why we believe in resistance training so much at LTWF. Resistance training is any type of exercise that puts resistance on your muscles….dumbbells, kettlebells bands, bars, slam ball and even bodyweight moves.

💪 Resistance training is the key to a healthy metabolism.

💪 Resistance training is the fountain of youth.

💪 Resistance training has been shown to extend lifespan too.

Show up each day to your sessions ready to train your muscles. That’s how we keep the pounds off and maintain a healthy bodyweight for years to come!