This is one of the most common questions we get from clients. They are scared to lift heavy thinking it will turn them into the She-Hulk.

Logically, that makes sense.

But if you look around at our clients during a session….you don’t see any female bodybuilders in the room, right?

That’s because we designed our workouts and nutrition plans to not pack on absurd amounts of muscle.

You have to lift VERY heavy and eat in a calorie surplus for years to get in Arnold Schwarzenegger shape. And most bodybuilders on a secret sauce called steroids.

Since you’re not taking that, weight training will not make you look bulky. It will actually shape and tone your body.

If you pack on even 5 pounds of muscle, it’s not going to be a giant slab of muscle in one place (biceps) it will be distributed throughout your entire body.

That’s why we do full body workouts at LTW Fitness. You will put a little muscle on your legs, arms, shoulders, back, chest, glutes, etc. so you don’t notice it at first.

But week by week as you peel off layers of fat and put on lean muscle, you will start to see the sculpted body you want to see.

So, the short answer is you will NOT get big and bulky from weights.

But you will GET an overall toned body when you combine weights with a high protein diet.

Don’t be afraid to lift heavier. It will actually SPEED UP your results and help your metabolism to run stronger all day.