FitFam! A client recently sent me the label to Keto bread they were eating daily. It’s a good lesson on why processed food labels lie to you.

Again, the label below is “Keto Bread”
It says 60 calories for 1 slice.

Well let’s see:
Fat has 9 calories per gram
Protein has 4 calories per gram
Carbs have 4 calories per gram
4×4= 16
Total = 78 calories

Food companies are smart and they lie to you. In fact, the FDA allows them to be off by 10-15% on their calorie estimation.

That means if you eat a lot processed foods (anything with a label), then you might be eating 10-15% more calories than you think.

That’s why cooking foods in their natural state are always the best solution for fat loss.
– lean meats
– fruit and veggies
– starchy carbs
– healthy fats
– herbs and spices

Make your own food and save yourself calories!