Hey FitFam!! I was talking with a client the other day that was stuck with her fat-loss. She wanted to drop 15 more pounds and the first thing I look at is nutrition.

She was eating plenty of protein, drinking enough water and eating a balanced plate with the right portions.

All the boxes were checked. But I heard her reference a few times the condiments she was using and the snacks she was consuming between meals.

I calculated she was hitting a good amount of sugar in her day.

Once she made some small changes (switching brands) then she was able to finally breakthrough a stubborn plateau and drop another 5 pounds.

I’m sharing this story because I wanted to make you aware of the hidden sugars in many processed foods.

Understand one thing from this post….food companies are worried about their bottom line, not your waist line.

And that’s why they pump sugar, salt and fat into their foods. It tastes good which means you will like it and buy more of it. Simple as that. They are not concerned about the health ramifications it has on the consumer.

That’s why we have to be smart shoppers. For ourselves and our families. Check out the photo below where you can see HUGE sugar differences in different brands.

They are all the same product but they all have very different amounts of sugar. Take this a reminder that you have to protect your family from what comes into your house.

Be a food detective and inspect all labels before buying it. I’ve found added sugar in the most unlikely places (bread, peanut butter, etc.) and in most condiments (ranch, dressings, bbq sauce, etc.)