This post is for anyone who wants to lose body fat. As someone who has lost 60 pounds of body fat, I can tell how I did it. But fat-loss is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In fact, it’s a custom approach since everyone person has different eating habits, goals, meal frequency and food preferences.

But there is a few pieces of one-size-fits-all advice.

One of those pieces of advice is the important of protein for fat-loss. If you bought 20 diet books, you can bet all of them will agree that a high protein diet is the best for fat-loss.

Why is that?

  • Protein keeps you full so you don’t over eat
  • Protein is thermogenic so it burns a high amount of calories
  • Protein helps you to keep muscle
  • Protein helps you to recover after a workout

These are just some of the benefits of protein. But the biggest issue people encounter is not eating enough protein in a day.

Here’s a typical day for some people…

  • Coffee and Toast (0g protein)
  • Sandwich or Salad (30g protein)
  • Chicken or Beef with Starch and Veggies (30-40g protein)

It’s not uncommon that we have a new client track their protein intake and they are below 100g per day!! After they start eating more protein, the pounds start melting off.

And the best part is that they don’t have to increase their workout frequency. You see, our team of Coaches wants to help you find the M.E.D or Minimum Effective Dose of exercise to lose fat.

We want to help you find LEVERAGE by finding out how you can maximize results with the minimum amount of workouts and the secret is nutrition. Specifically, protein intake.

Here’s some ways to get more protein in your diet…

  • Mix greek yogurt with protein powder and frozen cherries
  • One protein shake per day with almond milk
  • Take hardboiled eggs to work for a snack
  • Add chicken or salmon to your salads
  • Make protein pancakes with protein powder
  • Always have a container with lean meats meal prepped so you can make a meal in a time crunch
  • Put your proteins on recurring order on InstaCart
  • Put protein bars in your car, purse or desk for emergencies
  • Order your “busy meals” from a meal prep company. For most people, this is lunch.

These are just a few ideas and it’s worth the effort on your part because eating a high protein diet is like having a second workout without having to go to the gym.

If you have one SOLID workout at LTW Fitness then eat high protein the rest of the day, then you are covering the top biggest components of fat-loss.