Have you heard of the Standard American Diet? The acronym is S.A.D. and it’s fitting because of how poor our nutrition consumption and education is in our country.

Most people aren’t trying to eat excessive amounts of corn, wheat, sugar and artificial ingredients but it’s in SO MANY foods, you have to be a food detective to catch everything.

For example, did you know food companies can use 56 different versions of sugar? If you don’t spot “sugar” on the ingredients list, it might fool you into thinking it’s not so bad.

You can see them all here… https://www.virtahealth.com/blog/names-for-sugar

Processed foods are a sneaky cause of weight gain because you can over eat them and never get full. For example, it’s really to over eat Oreos, Ritz Crackers or Diet Coke.

But no one goes on a bender of apples, chicken and broccoli. That’s because those foods are FULL of nutrients and signal to your body you are full.

Most people can eat ONE apple and they are good. Thats because of the fiber. And the protein in chicken does the same thing.

But Oreos, Ritz and Diet Coke have ZERO NUTRIENTS which is why you never get full no matter how much you eat or drink.

I wanted to turn you on to an alternative diet that’s easy to remember and it nurtures your body.

I call it the G.L.A.D. diet and here’s what it stands for…

  • Green Vegetables
  • Lean Proteins
  • Avocado (or any Healthy Fat)
  • Drink Water

Those are the 4 things that are LACKING in most people’s diet. They are seriously magical in what they do for your body but the problem is that most people aren’t aware.

Veggies fill your body with micro nutrients that battle diseases, inflammation and so much more. There’s been many stories of cancer patients flooding their bodies with greens and beating it with no chemo treatment.

Protein is the good version of a fat burning pill. Every bite of protein forces your metabolism to work at a higher rate. Animal and plant based protein are beneficial.

Avocados or any healthy fat is one of the main things your body need to create important hormones including testosterone. Its good for brain health and joint health too.

And finally there’s the best liquid in the world – WATER. It’s interesting that 70% of the Earths surface is water and 70% of our bodies are water. Coincidence?

Water helps your body to have clear skin, hair and it helps your body to carry out almost every single functions. Being dehydrated slows EVERYTHING down – including fat burning.

Get rid of the processed foods and eat more greens, proteins, avocados (or fats) and drink more water! You will feel better on the inside and that leads to change on the outside.

Your body will be glad and it will have everything it needs to burn fat and keep you healthy.