Hey FitFam!! Today I wanted to talk about a topic that not enough people in fitness talk about…staying the same.

We know a good portion of our clients hire us to help them to get results.

That could be losing fat, adding muscle or both.

These victories are easy to identify and celebrate because you can measure them on the InBody machine and you can see them in the mirror.

A body transformation is something we can celebrate with the popular before and after photos side by side.

But there’s another victory that sneaks by us everyday and doesn’t get enough celebration.

And it’s just as hard as losing fat or building muscle.


Yes, this is a victory if you are at a healthy body weight. This person has built the discipline to go to the gym so they don’t pack on weight.

They also are saying “no” to eating excessive calories.

They are fighting the urges and temptations that surround us to maintain their body weight. And that’s a battle that is just as hard as losing fat.

So, I want to shout out that everyone is doing a great job of maintaining their body weight with healthy habits.

Keep doing your thing and getting to the gym, eating healthy, drinking water and prioritizing sleep.

After we help someone lose pounds, they win the first battle and they move on to the next – keeping it off.

Is it hard – yep.

Is it worth it – HECK YEAH!

Just wanted to remind everyone you don’t need a before and after photo to make your Coaches and family proud. There’s many types of victories that occur in our community.

I wanted to take a moment to shout out a group that doesn’t get enough love.

The “keep it off gang” is awesome!!!