We’ve all probably heard the famous line from Yoda.

“Do or not not, there is no try.”

On our fitness journey, the T-word is something we can throw around really easily. Heck, I catch myself doing it too.

  • I’m going to try to get to the gym today
  • I’m going to try to eat healthier
  • I’m going to try to eat more protein

But our subconscious knows when we are full of crap! We can say something with our words but the mind says “who are you kidding?”

We can all feel it when someone gives us a “try” response.

  • Hey can you make it to my party on Saturday?
  • Yeah, I’m going to TRY to make it.

What’s the first response you have? They probably WON’T BE THERE!

How much different would it be if they said “yes, I will be there. I’m excited for the party.”

Now you immediately expect them to be there based on removing one word….TRY.

This might seem like a small thing and it’s not even worth your time working on it. But I beg to differ.

You see, we are not just about giving you a great workout experience. For you to TRULY go through a transformation in your body and mind, you must completely change your identity.

And one part of identity is language.

There’s non-committed language and committed language. And TRY is the language of the non-committed.

What do people say at the wedding altar?

They say...”until death does us part.” That’s commitment.

What if you went to a wedding and the officiant asked “do you promise to TRY and make it work?”

Everyone would be shocked they didn’t go all in from day one.

I challenge you to take this week to catch yourself using the word TRY and rephrase it a committed decision.

Go or don’t go.

Do or don’t do.

Yes or no.

There is no try!