One of the most common myths about people 40+ years old is that the body “falls apart” or slows down.

100% NOT TRUE!!

Although it can feel that way, here’s what’s really going on inside the body.

Your body is constantly looking for non-essential tissue. That’s why it will break down muscle if you don’t use it.

Hence the title of this post….use it or lose it.

A visual to imagine would be if you’ve ever seen someone in a cast for many months. When the cast is remove, the muscle is 1/3 or 1/2 the size it used to be. This can happen to teenagers, not just 40+ year old folks.

What happened? The muscle didn’t get any stimulation (since the cast didn’t allow for it) so the body broke down the non-essential tissue…the muscle.

How do we stimulate our muscles? RESISTANCE!

That’s why lifting weights is so powerful. But there’s any types of resistance too. Bodyweight is awesome (pushups) or even fighting water resistance in a pool.

Anything that forces your muscles to work is a GOOD THING because it tells the body “don’t break this tissue, I need it.”

Rewind back to the 40 year old person that thinks age is the reason their metabolism has slowed down.

The truth is that most people are not stimulating their muscles for YEARS…sometimes DECADES.

What happens is that you are seeing the result of years of muscle loss which is a slower metabolism.

💪 More muscle = fast metabolism

😟 Less muscle = slower metabolism

You may have heard claims that 1 lb of muscle burns 50 calories per day and 1 lb of fat burns 5 calories per day. Although those numbers are entirely accurate, they are close.
That’s why our team of Coaches is so passionate about putting lean muscle on your body. It’s the fountain of youth!

No…we don’t want you to look like a bodybuilder. But even 5-10 pounds of muscle can help to eliminate 10-30 pounds of fat.

It’s your fat-burning friend 24 hours around the clock. So don’t be afraid to lift heavier. It’s literally the path to better fat-loss results.

Oftentimes we grab the same weight for the same exercise and do the same reps. You aren’t losing muscle but you aren’t gaining either which means you’re telling your body to stay the way it is right now. If you’re ok with that, keep doing you’re thing.

But most people want change and nothing changes if nothing changes.

This week, lift heavier and watch the fat burning happen over time. It’s not overnight. It’s a compound effect but it’s worth it if you want to be leaner in the future.

Let me know if this post was helpful!!