I was talking with a client last week who has been burned in the past by working with another Coach at another gym.

The other Coach showed her how to lose weight but didn’t arm her with how to keep it off.

She stopped working with the Coach and gained the weight they lost previously.

The other Coach failed to show them how to keep it off forever.

To be fair, life has seasons. Things change. And that’s what happened in this clients life. She was in a good headspace when she originally was working on losing weight but then went through a traumatic personal event.

Mix that with no more coach accountability, no community of peers and no coaching and it’s a tough spot to be in.

If food is the emotional outlet when things get tough, it can be easy to pack on weight that you fought hard to lose.

A great Coach is like a great Sherpa.

They lead you to the top of the mountain (your goals) and lead you back down the mountain (how to maintain your goals).

They are your guide on your journey, not just someone who designs the workouts.

If you aren’t picking your Coaches brain on how to reach your goal and how to keep it off, you’re missing out. They are a wealth of knowledge. Be sure to tap into it!